Monday, September 10, 2012


I've discovered a great way to generate a book review without having to write one myself.  I simply try to recommend a good book to a person whom I think might like the book.  Volà, the book review:

I've been a follower of "Uncle Steve" Brassawe for several years now.  (Thanks for the introduction, Candy.)  I heartily recommend Steve's two blogs, linked at this site, to anyone who stumbles across this post.  Steve's book review is better-written than the one I would have posted, so, not only have I saved myself a great deal of effort, I've relieved the WWW of nonessential verbiage.

I also highly recommend Harlan Hubbard's Shantyboat:  A River Way of Life.  It deserves a place next to Walden and Huckleberry Finn, among other compelling works of American Literature.  Check out Steve's review for more details.  I really like how the web allows people who never might have crossed paths to share ideas and inspiration:  global cross-pollination.



Eugene Knapik said...

I too follow Steve's blogs with great interest, and when I read his review of this one, I wrote the title down in my handy-dandy notebook. My handy-dandy notebook may be a disorganized mess of ideas, stuff to check out, shopping lists, and so on, but once a book makes it to the notebook, I usually get around to reading it in the coming months.

Bloggerboy said...

Please do post your handy-dandy thoughts on the book once read!