Monday, October 22, 2012

A Fall Walk in the Rheingau

The past week we were blessed with great weather.  Friends of ours suggested a walk in the Rheingau, less than an hour from Frankfurt.  So, along with about twenty thousand other sun-hungry visitors, we drove to the Rheingau, parked near Schloss Vollrads, and hiked through the vineyards for a few hours.  The Rheingau really is one of Germany's crown jewels, with world-famous vineyards, an amazingly warm microclimate, and plenty of history to boot.  You have to put up with a lot of traffic, but once you are in the middle of the vineyards, the crowds are not that bad.  Many people simply hang out at their favorite vintner, who often offers simple meals and wine, often with a great view.

Tough Choices

Burg Schwarzenstein -- Mumm Headquarters

Grapes Waiting for a Late Harvest